Mini Plane and Runway

By Edna Harrington
Photo by Charles Cary

What You'll Need:

  • scissors
  • short cardboard tube
  • thin cardboard
  • paint
  • metal fasteners
  • glue
  • black paper
Craft Image

How to Make It:

  1. Cut out a cockpit from a short cardboard tube.
  2. From thin cardboard, cut two rectangular pieces for wings, one piece each for the tail wing and rudder, and one round piece to fit the end of the tube. Cut slits in the plane body for the wings and the rudder.
  3. Cut out one large clover shape and two smaller clover shapes for propellers. Poke a hole in each clover shape.
  4. Paint all the pieces of the plane. When the paint is dry, slide the wings and rudder into the slits.
  5. Push a metal fastener through each of the small propellers, then push the ends of the fastener in between the two front-wing layers. Glue the layers together.
  6. Use metal fasteners to attach the large propeller to the circle you cut out. Glue the circle to the front of the plane.
  7. Make a runway by painting lights on black paper.