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Biting Dog

Biting Dog
My dog tries to bite my friend. What should I do?

Reply from the Highlights Editors
We're very sorry to hear you're having this problem. Perhaps you could talk with a veterinarian or animal behaviorist to figure out what you should do. These people are trained professionals who have a lot of experience dealing with animals, so they would likely be able to help you.

Before you talk with a vet or behaviorist, you might do some detective work. You said that your dog tries to bite your friend. Does your dog try to bite anyone else? Does your friend do something to provoke or annoy your dog? If you can think of details about instances when your dog tries to bite, it will be easier for an animal specialist to help you find a solution.

We suggest that you talk with your parents about this, too, especially if they are not aware of the situation. It is important for them to know if your dog is trying to bite. They will likely have some good suggestions and should be able to help you find an animal professional to speak with.

We hope this helps.

Best wishes,
The Highlights Editors