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Career Studying

Career Studying
I really like school. I take it so seriously that I'm planning to become a surgeon. But I don't know where to start.

Reply from the Highlights Editors
It sounds as if you have made a good start. From now until you graduate from high school, you'll need to study hard in every area, especially science and math. That will help you get accepted by a good college. A college counselor can help you decide what subject to make your major course of study. For example, many people take "pre-med" in college so they will have all the background they need to get into medical school.

In medical school you will be required to study many different areas of medicine and to do a certain amount of work in each of them, including general medicine, emergency medicine, surgery, and others. Then there will be a residency, which means on-the-job training in the area that you want to have as your career.

As you get older, you will learn many things about the world and about yourself. So enjoy the experience of learning and always stay open to other possible careers.

Best wishes,
The Highlights Editors