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Class Clown

Class Clown
I'm like the class clown, and when I'm funny, I'm funny. But when I try to be serious, my so-called friends laugh. What can I do to make them take me seriously?

Reply from the Highlights Editors
We understand that you are in a uncomfortable situation. Since you have the reputation of being funny, that is probably how your friends will take you for a while. It will take time, but you may be able to change their reactions to you if you work hard at it.

Perhaps you can discuss this problem with your closest friends. Explain that even though you enjoy being funny, there are also many times when you want them to take you seriously. Describe what some of those times might be or times when you weren't taken seriously and how you felt about it. And because they are your close friends, ask for their suggestions in handling this problem. Once you are successful in getting your closest friends to take you more seriously, they may be able to influence others to do that, too.

Even though your humor has been somewhat of a problem, we hope you won't quit being funny when you feel it is appropriate. It's a wonderful gift to be able to make others laugh.

Your teacher, guidance counselor, or parents may have some good suggestions for you as well. Be sure to discuss the situation with them and ask for their advice. Be willing to listen carefully to their suggestions and give them a try.

We hope this helps. :-)

Best wishes,
The Highlights Editors

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