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Confusing Teacher

Confusing Teacher
My teacher is confusing me. When she writes something on the board, she does the problem and then asks, "Do you get it?" Of course not, since she didn't explain it! I like her. It's just how she does things.

Reply from the Highlights Editors
One solution might be simply to raise your hand and respectfully say no when your teacher asks if you get it. If you are confused, then other students may be, too. Your bravery in asking for a fuller explanation might help everyone.

You could also ask your teacher to meet with you in private. At that meeting, tell her honestly that you sometimes find her explanations confusing. Perhaps you have some ideas for how she could make things clearer.

A teacher is responsible for helping her students understand the work. If she is not always doing that effectively, then she would want to know.

Best wishes,
The Highlights Editors