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Different Tastes

Different Tastes
I like to eat spinach, but at school nobody really likes it. I have friends, but I feel kind of different because it's only me that likes spinach. Please help me.
P.S. I also like seaweed and brussels sprouts!

Reply from the Highlights Editors
If you take a look around your classroom, you'll find that each of your classmates is different in some way. Some may be tall, and others may be short; some may like reading, and others may like math. Hair color and mannerisms are also unique to each individual.

People acquire tastes for different foods at different times in their lives. The fact that you enjoy spinach, brussels sprouts, and seaweed is a good thing. These foods are full of nutrients that keep your body healthy. So celebrate your difference. Enjoy your friends and eat whatever you wish.

Best wishes,
The Highlights Editors