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Dog Begging

Dog Begging
My dog always begs for food at the dinner table. I really want to feed him, but my mom says I can't. I'm afraid he won't like me anymore. What should I do?

Reply from the Highlights Editors
It can be hard to say no to someone that you love. But you care about your pet, so it's important to do what is best for him. He doesn't understand that it's best for him to eat his own food and not to eat table scraps.

Your dog loves you for many more reasons than for what you feed him. You can show him that you care about him by playing with him, by petting him and speaking kindly to him, and by making sure he is fed properly and has fresh water. All of these things will show your dog that you love him.

It might be best if your dog is not near the dinner table while you are eating. Perhaps you could teach him to stay in another room. Or he could be given a treat, such as a favorite toy, while you are having dinner. If he is allowed to have that toy only during your dinnertime, he may begin to look forward to it.

Best wishes,
The Highlights Editors