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Friend Does Not Like My Sister

Friend Does Not Like My Sister
My friend is mean to my sister. I am going to ask her to stop, but I am afraid that she will not be my friend. What should I do?

Reply from the Highlights Editors
It can be difficult when a friend is acting in a way you don't approve of, especially if it involves your brother or sister. We're sorry you're having this problem. It is very thoughtful of you to think about your sister, though.

Perhaps you could talk with your friend about this. Find a time when you can speak privately with her. Then kindly explain to her how you feel. Perhaps she doesn't realize how much this behavior bothers you. It's understandable that you don't want to lose a friend, but it is also important to express your feelings in a friendship. And if you feel strongly about this issue, it's important for you to tell your friend so.

If you talk about this and your friend continues to be mean to your sister, you might think about spending some time with other friends or perhaps making some new friends. Remember that a smile and a friendly hello are great friendship starters.

You might want to talk about this with your parents, too. They care about you and would likely have some good ideas to help you with this situation.

We hope this helps.

Best wishes,
The Highlights Editors