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Miss My Grandmother

Miss My Grandmother
My grandmother just died and my family is crushed. We are always crying and praying. How can I can get through it and pray for her?

Reply from the Highlights Editors
We're very sorry to hear that your grandmother died. It's perfectly natural to feel sad and to cry when someone you love passes away.

We hope you talk with your mom and dad about the feelings you're having. They may be feeling sad, too, but it is still important to talk with them about thoughts and feelings you're having.

If you want to talk with someone besides your parents about this, you could talk with another trusted adult, such as another relative, a teacher or guidance counselor at school, or the parent of a close friend. It is important to get your feelings out, especially if you continue to feel sad.

It might also help to honor your grandmother's memory in some way. Some kids have told us that when someone they loved passed away, they created a memory book for that person. They gathered photographs and memories of that person and put them all into a book. Perhaps you could do something like this for your grandmother. Your parents might be interested in helping you with such a project.

We hope this helps you and your family to make it through this difficult time.

Best wishes,
The Highlights Editors

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