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Nosy Friends

Nosy Friends
There is a girl in school, and she keeps getting in my stuff! How do I make her stop?

Reply from the Highlights Editors
We can understand why you would be annoyed with this kind of behavior.

It is usually a good idea to first try to resolve a problem with another person face to face. Without sounding angry, try to talk to this girl. Explain that it bothers you when she gets into your stuff without your permission. Perhaps she doesn't know that this shows disrespect for a person's belongings. Ask her to please not do this anymore.

Try to keep your personal belongings close to you so that she can't get into them without your seeing her. Then you might be able to stop her before she gets into your stuff.

Your parents or your teacher may have some more suggestions for you. Be sure to speak with them about the problem, too.

We hope this helps.

Best wishes,
The Highlights Editors