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Parent Dislikes Friends

Parent Dislikes Friends
My dad does not like some of my friends, and he tells me not to play with them. I'm not sure why he doesn't like them. How am I supposed to tell them I can't hang out with them? I'm not very popular, so which kids should I play with?

Reply from the Highlights Editors
Perhaps you should talk to your dad about this. Choose a time when he's not busy or tired so that the two of you can have a heart-to-heart talk. Tell him what you told us in your letter. Then listen to your dad's response.

It's possible that your dad is concerned about some of your friends' actions or attitudes. By talking openly and honestly, you might come to understand each other better.

Maybe your dad wants you to be direct by telling your friends that he doesn't want you to play with them. Or he might decide that you can end the friendships gradually, perhaps by spending more time with kids who share your values and interests. That way, you wouldn't risk hurting your friends' feelings by ending the relationships abruptly.

Also, remember that a person doesn't need to be "popular" to make new friends. By treating others with kindness and respect, being supportive, and being interested in what others say and do, you may find that you can make friends easily.

Best wishes,
The Highlights Editors