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Rabbits and Dogs

Rabbits and Dogs
No one is playing with my dog anymore. I love my rabbits, too, but since we got them, everyone thinks my dog doesn't exist!

Reply from the Highlights Editors
When a new pet comes into a home, it can seem as if everyone's attention goes to it. We understand that you feel bad because no one seems to be paying attention to your dog now. It's possible that your dog feels somewhat lonely, too.

While you can't control what other members of your family do, you can choose your own actions. Since you are sensitive to the feelings of your dog, perhaps you can take the initiative to give it more attention. As other family members see you doing that, they may also begin to play and talk with the dog.

It sounds as if your rabbits may be new to the family. If that's the case, then in time the novelty of having them will wear off, and things may get back to normal around the house. Until then, be patient as you discuss the situation with your parents and siblings, and continue to give love and attention to your dog.

Best wishes,
The Highlights Editors

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