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Responsibility for a Pet

Responsibility for a Pet
My dad said I can get a pet lizard in a few years, but I have to show that I'm responsible. How can I do that?

Reply from the Highlights Editors
It's great that you are thinking ahead about this. Many people get a pet because they know it will give them lots of enjoyment, but they don't plan for all of the responsibilities that go with having one. Your lizard will be dependent on you for all of its needs. It wouldn't be fair to take on a pet and then not give it the care it requires.

Perhaps your dad has some things in mind that can help you show how responsible you are. For example, taking on chores and doing them regularly without being reminded will show that you are dependable. Caring for a lizard requires daily responsibilities, such as feeding it, and less frequent chores, such as cleaning its cage. So perhaps you can take on daily and weekly tasks to show that you can keep up with both.

You can check your school or public library for books about caring for lizards. Then you'll know what tasks you'll be responsible for when you get your pet.

Best wishes,
The Highlights Editors

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