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Talking to Your Parents

Talking to Your Parents
I really enjoy reading "Dear Highlights." But in most of your answers it says, "Talk to your parents about it." It's easier said than done.

Reply from the Highlights Editors
We believe that communication between parents and children is very important. Sometimes parents aren't aware that their kids are having difficulties, and the only way they can know is if the kids tell them. Solutions can often be found when the kids and parents discuss the situation.

While it's true that talking to your parents is sometimes "easier said than done," it's important to give it a try. Kids are often surprised to hear that their parents have had similar problems. The support and guidance of parents can be very helpful in getting a child through life's rough spots. Although we always try to offer advice to the kids who write to us, it is true that parents know their children better than we do.

We understand that some topics or situations are sensitive or embarrassing for a child or teen to talk about with a parent, especially if the parent is part of the problem. So we often suggest talking to another trusted adult, such as a teacher, relative, or minister.

Best wishes,
The Highlights Editors