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Want to Cook

Want to Cook
I love cooking, but my mom never lets me. And the only reason she has is "Because I said no." Can you help?

Reply from the Highlights Editors
It's great that you have an interest in cooking. We suspect that your mom may not have let you cook because it often takes a lot of time and preparation to get all the ingredients together and then prepare the recipe.

Perhaps you could check out some books of simple recipes from your local or school library and begin to make your own cookbook of "recipes I want to try someday." There might also be a book with general tips on cooking. Ask the librarian to help you find the material you need.

Try talking to your mom sometime when she isn't busy with other things. Let her know you want to learn to cook and would appreciate any tips she could give you. You might watch her cook and see how many ideas you can get by just watching. Perhaps you and your mom could occasionally set aside a special time when both of you have enough time to make a recipe together.

Accept your mom's guidance in this situation. She knows what needs to be done around the house and how much time there is to do it. Ask her if you could do some chores around the house so it would free her to help you make a recipe.

Be patient, and continue to pursue your interest in preparing food. That's a great skill to learn. We think there will come a time when you are able to cook.

Best wishes,
The Highlights Editors

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