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Watching Sports

Watching Sports
Whenever I watch my favorite sports team on TV, my stomach hurts and I get nervous. Can you help me?

Reply from the Highlights Editors
It's great that you are a loyal fan. Think about all the reasons why it is important to you that your team win each game. Then think about all of the other things that are important about sports--including fairness and sportsmanship--and you may be able to watch your team without worrying when they do not win.

After you do this, you may still be anxious about your team's performance. With any big event or project, it is helpful to break it into smaller pieces. Try to focus just on what's happening in the game during the moment you are watching. Instead of thinking about the final score or about what happened a few minutes before, keep telling yourself that a victory is made up of many individual plays done well. So you can root for your team to accomplish what they're trying to do at that moment. If they do, it will be one step toward victory. If they don't, then they'll have another chance on the next play.

Instead of thinking about how your team will do in a single game, think about how they could improve over time. They might be having a losing season, but they can still be learning to play together. That may make them a better team next season.

Best wishes,
The Highlights Editors