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  • December 2012

    Joelle, Age 9


  • December 2012

    My Police Car

    My police car is zooming about,
    with its wheels at top speed.
    It can catch bad guys
    and robbers. It is
    the most important
    car in a city. I like
    my police car. It is as
    good as my house
    and as nice as the trees.

    Malcom, Age 7


  • December 2012

    Snowy Day

    Jake, Age 12


  • December 2012


    Winter days, they are so cold.
    Winter is nice, but it seems rather bold.
    It takes away fall! It opens up spring!
    Winter is part of the seasonal ring.

    Winter Days

    Emma, Age 11

    South Carolina

  • December 2012

    Isabella, Age 6


  • December 2012

    My Cat

    My cat is gray,
    He loves to play.
    He chases me when I drink tea.

    Carlos, Age 10

    North Carolina

  • December 2012

    Man on the Moon

    Luke, Age 8


  • December 2012

    Standing on the podium
    With a thrilled smile drawn across my face,
    With four glossy, glistening, golden medals
    Dangling around my neck.

    All I hear is excitement
    While on the top of the podium.
    I salute with a joyous trophy
    Sitting in my satisfied hands.

    A once-in-a-lifetime experience
    Finally happening
    When winning everything
    There is to win.

    Contented Columbia Challenge 2008

    Sierra, Age 10


  • December 2012

    Ellie, Age 10


  • December 2012

    Puffy pancake puffs,
    as yellow as the sun
    shining on sand at the beach,
    are steaming when you open them up.
    Their sweet milk chocolate chips,
    melted inside,
    are as brown as dirt.
    They're as hot as a stove.
    Sticky syrup smells so good.
    Eaten and enjoyed on my birthday—
    a special occasion.

    Puffy Pancake Puffs

    Brady, Age 6


  • December 2012

    Scary Waters

    Michael, Age 7


  • December 2012


    Something lies in the forest to see—my tree.
    Silver and grey, it fell long ago.
    In the dirt I see my silver tree.
    For life, I know it will help me as I go.
    For shade and shelter it will give me,
    Oh, my silver tree.

    Melissa, Age 9


  • December 2012

    Laura, Age 10


  • December 2012


    Birds tweet
    Birds chirp
    Birds fly
    And dive
    Birds tweet
    Birds leap
    They sing
    Tweet tweet tweet
    And chirp chirp chirp
    Then they soar into the sky
    And come back down
    Then snuggle up in their nest
    Sleep sleep sleep

    Yaminah, Age 7


  • December 2012

    Mountain Climbing and Transportation

    Sean, Age 8


  • December 2012

    In Winter…
    Crisp air is all around me.
    Crisp air nips my ears.
    Crunch! Crunch! goes the snow.
    As I walk down the hill
    I feel my coat pressing
    Against my arms
    Keeping me safe
    From the fighting, restless wind.
    The water, frozen solid.
    A crystal shining through
    The endless white.
    In Winter.


    Liana, Age 9


  • December 2012

    Together We Fly

    Angela, Age 9


  • December 2012

    We do math,
    My mom says, "Take a bath!"
    Science, studying life,
    She cuts carrots with a dull knife.
    We don't like it, us boys.
    "Clean your room! Too many toys!"
    And Social Studies,
    Wow, the Revolutionary War,
    She makes cookies, I ask,
    "May I have some more?"

    School & Mothers

    Matthew, Age 11


  • December 2012

    Benjamin, Age 8


  • December 2012

    My Teacher

    My teacher is very nice.
    She gives me a lot of tests.
    She teaches me new things,
    and I think she's the best.

    Rahma, Age 7

    New Jersey