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  • February 2013

    I shot an arrow into the sky.
    Oh my, oh my, did it fly.
    It flew among the stars.
    It could have landed on Mars.

    Savannah, Age 5


  • February 2013

    Ethan, Age 8


  • February 2013

    Little flurries dance to the ground,
    Happily clumping into a mound.
    As I stroll by, icy snowflakes greet me.
    Then they dive down with a “Whee.”

    This is the white season, but still merry.
    Very pleasant, like a cake with a cherry.
    This is winter,
    This is winter.

    A Stroll in Winter

    Darvin, Age 10

    New York

  • February 2013

    Animals in a Winter Forest

    Madeline, Age 8


  • February 2013

    Still, cold waters
    Just waiting to be touched.
    Big, brown canoe
    Breaking the silence.

    Breaking the Silence

    Abigail, Age 9


  • February 2013

    Harvesting Hay for Our Cows

    Caleb, Age 6


  • February 2013

    The word friendship reminds me of friends.
    The word friendship reminds me of ships.
    The word friendship reminds me of the sea.
    The word friendship reminds me of friends on ships at sea.

    The Word Friendship Reminds Me of the Sea

    William, Age 6


  • February 2013

    My Valentine Snow Girl

    Lily, Age 7


  • February 2013

    The first goat, driving a van,
    Said, “I can drive faster than you can.”
    The second goat, driving a car,
    Said, “But you cannot drive very far.”
    The third goat, driving a bus,
    Said, “Oh, you all make such a fuss.”

    Goats in Vehicles

    Heather, Age 12


  • February 2013

    Blake, Age 8


  • February 2013

    An Eagle's Flight

    Eagle, eagle,
    Brown and white,
    Show me how you take flight
    In the moonlight.

    Mckinsey, Age 10


  • February 2013

    My Trumpet

    Jillian, Age 11

    New Jersey

  • February 2013

    Two more months of winter,
           Then the sun will come.
           Up will sprout the flowers,
           Down will melt the snow.
    Two more months of winter
           Then the sun will come
           Up into my eyes and make me come outside.

    Two More Months of Winter

    Ashley, Age 9

    British Columbia, Canada

  • February 2013

    Tommy, Age 6


  • February 2013

    The mother owl whistles by
    and dives through the thistles with a sigh.
    She snaps at her prey,
    which is a stray piece of hay,
    as she flies by.

    Mother Owl

    Sam, Age 10


  • February 2013

    Kathryn, Age 8


  • February 2013

    Ponce de Leon searched for gold and youth.
    He hunted steadily like a sleuth.
    Wearing fine silk and lace, he set the pace.
    His hat stood stiffly upon his brow,
    With a feather that would bow.
    With a cold and menacing eye,
    He did presume that gold was nigh.
    Prosperity never could he boast.
    Never did he find the gold or youth
    Along the Florida coast.

    Ponce de Leon

    Amber, Age 11

    North Carolina

  • February 2013

    Russell, Age 9


  • February 2013

    Always wet
    I like them
    Nice and beautiful
    Racing from the clouds
    On the roof
    Seeing raindrops is fun.


    Jack, Age 8


  • February 2013

    Turtles in Love

    Senedra, Age 7