Lezim, an Indian Musical Instrument

By Radha HS

In India, the lezim is a traditional instrument played during exercises or folk dances that involve lots of arm movements.

What You'll Need:

  • thin nail, awl, or stiff wire
  • two corks
  • bolts and washers
  • jingle bells
  • colorful beads and buttons
Lezim, an Indian Musical Instrument

How to Make It:

  1. Ask an adult to use a thin nail, an awl, or a stiff wire to make a hole lengthwise through two corks.
  2. Slide one cork onto a 2-foot-long wire. Bend the wire into a U shape with the cork at the bottom of the U.
  3. String metal pieces (such as bolts and washers), jingle bells, and colorful beads and buttons onto both sides of the wire.
  4. Ask an adult to slide one wire end through the second cork, twist the wire ends together, and push the sharp edges into the cork.
  5. To make the lezim jingle, hold the corks and dance!

Photo by Ken Karp