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Dog's Birthday Gifts

Dog's Birthday Gifts
I have a problem. My dog's birthday is today, and I don't know what to get him. Do you know?

Reply from the Highlights Editors
Congratulations to your dog! We think he will have a great birthday because he has such a loving owner. Since your dog probably isn't aware of the exact date of his birthday, that will give you a little time to think about making something he might like.

We suggest you try asking your school or community librarian for a book about dogs that would include things they like to play with. Many dogs like to chase a ball or something similar. You might tie some old socks together and make a throw-and-retrieve toy for your dog.

Probably some affectionate pats and words would go a long way toward making your dog have a special day. And we think you probably do that on a regular basis.

Happy Birthday to your dog and best wishes to you,

The Highlights Editors