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Kittens and Young Children

Kittens and Young Children
My younger brother bothers my new kitten. What should I do?

Reply from the Highlights Editors
Little children often don't understand that their actions can hurt a pet. Perhaps you can show your brother the right way to hold a kitten and to play with it. Be patient and kind. You may have to show him several times before he understands.

Each time your brother is nice to the kitten, be sure to praise him. He will feel good that you noticed his improved behavior.

Until your brother learns how to handle the kitten, you might need to keep it in a room your brother can't enter unless he is with you or an adult. Talk to your parents about this idea and other ways to protect the kitten.

Pets depend on us for love, protection, and attention. In time, your brother will learn to be as caring as you are.

Best wishes,
The Highlights Editors