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Summer Things To Do

Summer Things To Do
Sometimes I get bored even during the summer. If you have any fun things to do in the summer, please let me know.

Reply from the Highlights Editors
Summer is a great time to do the things you can't do all year while you are in school.

Do you have any good books you have been meaning to read? Summer is a good time to read interesting books. You don't have to worry about homework interfering with your reading time!

You might want to leaf through a magazine such as Highlights. You may get an idea for a craft or cooking activity you would enjoy.

Some individuals keep journals of activities they do in the summer. Quite often, people keep journals if they go on trips. The journals serve as a reminder of the fun they had while traveling.

Does your local library, YMCA, or school have any activities or clubs during the summer months? Many community groups have summer programs and camps relating to sports, arts, or other topics of interest. You might ask your mom or dad if you could participate in a program that interests you.

You might ask one of your parents if you could invite a friend over to play. Who knows--one of your friends may feel bored, too.

Your parents may have some other good suggestions for summer fun. You could work with them to write a list entitled "Summer Activities To Do When I Am Bored." You might hang this list on your refrigerator. As soon as you feel bored, you could head for the list to get some ideas for things to do.

We hope you can enjoy the rest of your summer. Try to remember that sometimes it's fun to just sit, relax, and think. You don't often have the luxury of relaxing during the school year.

Best wishes,
The Highlights Editors

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