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Taking Care of Pets

Taking Care of Pets
I forget to take care of my pets. What should I do?

Reply from the Highlights Editors
Many of us forget important things when we're busy. It might help to make a list of pet-related chores, such as "fill food and water bowls" and "clean litter box." Beside each item, write the time of day you will do the chore. Then "plant" reminders for yourself in places you'll notice.

One handy way is to use sticky notes. For example, you might put a sticky note on the bathroom mirror saying "Don't forget to feed the cat this morning," or one on your backpack that says "Did you fill the gerbil's water bottle?" In a few weeks you'll probably be so good at remembering to take care of your pets that you'll no longer need the notes.

Best wishes,
The Highlights Editors