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  • November 2012

    Thanksgiving Feast

    Kaitlyn, Age 7


  • November 2012

    I’m up to bat,
    I hit the ball,
    I wish I got home,
    But a triple was all.
    The next person hits,
    He gets a single,
    Oh but me, oh but me,
    I’m stuck in a pickle.
    I am halfway to home,
    But the catcher has the ball.
    I turn around,
    The ball whizzes past me,
    And for some reason,
    The third baseman is closer.
    Then all of a sudden,
    The ball meets my back.
    Then the words hit me,
    “You’re out!”
    Just like that.

    Stuck in a Pickle

    Hans, Age 9


  • November 2012

    Mark, Age 10


  • November 2012

    The wind blows hard,

    But the sun makes it warmer.

    It shines brightly.

    It is still bitterly cold.

    The wind makes

    The trees swish.

    Shhh, shhh, the wind says.

    When a big gust of wind

    Blows, everything shakes.

    No birds are singing their

    Evening songs.

    Windy Day

    Sophie, Age 7

    New York

  • November 2012

    Viking Territory

    Paige, Age 8


  • November 2012

    There once was a man from Spain,

    Who took a round-trip to Ukraine.

    Then one day he gawked,

    As he tripped on a rock,

    Going back to his home with a cane.

    The Man from Spain

    Isaac, Age 11


  • November 2012

    Palak, Age 12


  • November 2012

    Kite, kite, in the sky,

    I think about you as I walk by,

    Whirling, twirling through the air,

    All I do is stop and stare.

    Spinning, spinning, coming to a stop,

    All the way from the top.

    Kite, kite, in the sky

    Now it’s time to say good-bye.


    Shaily, Age 10


  • November 2012

    Julia, Age 12

    New Jersey

  • November 2012

    Brother, Sister, Mom, and Dad,

    All of them are not at all bad.

    We love them lots,

    They're nice and sweet,

    They're so very great and so very neat.

    All of them are special in their own very way;

    That's why they'll always be here to stay.

    My Family

    Harrison, Age 8


  • November 2012

    Hunter, Age 11


  • November 2012

    painting is something special
    colorful, bright
    a world to explore

    every brushstroke
    brings the canvas to life
    painting is magic

    painting is inspiring
    an idea out there
    hidden behind a picture

    you may not see it
    neither may I
    but if you look close you’ll see

    painting is a secret
    waiting to be found
    waiting to be set free

    so look at a painting
    see its beauty
    the secret revealed.

    Painting Is Magic

    Olivia, Age 9


  • November 2012

    Bamboo Forest

    Laura, Age 10


  • November 2012

    My shooting star up in the sky.

    I wish I could fly!

    I would go so high.

    Me and my shooting star

    in outer space together forever.

    My Shooting Star

    Skye, Age 7

    North Carolina

  • November 2012

    My First Car

    Alex, Age 7


  • November 2012

    When the sun comes
    It’s time to wake up
    To go to school.

    When I go to school
    First I color or read books
    And then we will do our pledge.

    I know how to draw and paint
    And color by myself.
    When the dark comes
    It’s time to go to sleep
    And that’s the time to sleep.

    My Routine

    Vishalakshi, Age 5


  • November 2012

    Sydney, Age 10


  • November 2012

    Hot cocoa is yummy.

    Cocoa is great.

    Cocoa is better than grapes and a steak.

    It is snowing outside and I want something warm.

    Hot cocoa is the thing I’ll have in a storm!

    If you haven’t had cocoa, you really should try it.

    Best thing in town, go on and buy it.

    Hot Cocoa

    Eben, Age 7


  • November 2012

    Joseph, Age 8


  • November 2012

    Friends are always there.

    They’ll always have your back.

    They’ll laugh with you,

    Cry with you,

    And smile with you.

    Friends are like shining stars;

    Not always seen,

    But you know that they are there.


    Danielle, Age 12