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Make a Mini Troll!

Artist Thomas Dambo builds giant trolls from recycled wood in locations all around the world. He made this mini troll just for you, using tools in his workshop and items from around his house—wood scraps, sticks, and old jeans. You can make a troll too!

"Remember that trolls are magical creatures that can look a million different ways," says Thomas. "It's all up to you and your imagination. Maybe use an orange peel for a hat, soda caps for eyes, and old shoelaces for hair, arms, or a little tail. I would love to see what you make!"

Send us a picture of your troll and we'll share it with Thomas!
All submissions must be created by you. Please do not include personal information, such as your last name, street, town, or school. Please don't send photos of yourself or other people.
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