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Birthday Gifts

Dear Highlights,
My birthday is coming up. My parents and grandparents want to know what gifts I would like. How do I choose?
Ava (by e-mail)

It sounds as if you don’t want to ask for a lot of gifts or seem greedy, and they’d probably appreciate that. However, because they have asked you for gift ideas, perhaps you can make a wish list. Of course, it’s polite to tell people that you certainly don’t expect to receive everything on your list; you’re just giving them ideas.

It’s good to be truly thankful for whatever gifts are chosen especially for you. It’s also important to focus more on the love that comes with each gift rather than on the gift itself. Gifts may break, get lost, or become outdated; what matters most is the special relationship you share with the people you love.

Art by: Keith Frawley

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