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Family Life Problems

Dear Highlights,
I’m friends with a girl who doesn’t have a good family life. Almost every time I see her, she seems to be upset about it.
Rachel (by e-mail)

You sound like a caring, supportive friend. Perhaps you could sit down with her during a quiet, private time and let her know you want to be there for her when she’s feeling upset. Gently ask what would help her most during these times. For example, would it help for you to try to distract her by talking about something else? Or would she prefer that you simply listen to what she has to say?

It can be painful to see a friend hurting, but it’s important to remember that you cannot fix her family life or make up for it. Instead, focus on being the best friend you can be. Maybe her family life is complicated, but she can count on you to be a great friend who truly cares about her.

You might also encourage your friend to seek more support by talking with a teacher, school counselor, coach, or another trusted adult.

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