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Friends Who Fight

Dear Highlights,
Some of my friends are in a fight. I like them all equally, but they say I have to choose sides. Help!
Alisa, Tennessee

If you haven’t already, you might calmly explain to your friends that you like all of them, and you are not going to choose a side. You can play with each person or group separately, and you can reassure them that you will make equal time for all of them. If they don’t like this arrangement, then you may want to focus on other friendships until these friends work things out.

Another idea is to offer to help your friends resolve their fight, without taking sides. Sometimes when friends fight, they wish they could make up and get past it, but it’s hard to be the first one to apologize. You might say that you miss times when all of you played together, and you would like to help them be friends again.

Art by: Keith Frawley

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