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Lost Key Chain

Dear Highlights,
My best friend lost a light-up key chain. She thinks I stole it. I promised her I didn’t, but she doesn’t believe me.
Brooklyn, Illinois

It’s upsetting to be accused of something you didn’t do. Try to talk to your friend about this again at a time when you can speak privately. You might tell her “I want to say again that I didn’t take your key chain. I would never steal something, and it makes me feel bad that you think I did. Can we talk about it?” By talking together, maybe your friend will realize that you’re telling the truth. Then the two of you might try to solve the mystery of the missing key chain.

If your friend doesn’t believe you and keeps saying that you took the key chain, you might decide to spend less time with her, at least for now. Trust is a big part of friendship. When there’s no trust, friendship isn’t that much fun.

Art by: Keith Frawley

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