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Not-So-Fun Sports

Dear Highlights,
Every time we do P.E. (Physical Education) in school we play sports. But I'm not good at sports (of any kind), so playing sports isn't fun. How do I deal with that?

We're sorry that you don't find sports and P.E. fun. Try your best in P.E. every time you participate. Try to look at it as a way to learn some skills. If you are feeling self-conscious about how you are doing at a certain sport, try to have a positive attitude about it. You might even quietly make a joke about it to those near you.

Are you interested in improving your sports skills? As with most activities, to get better in sports you need to practice. You might want to ask a friend or family member to practice some sports activities with you.

We suggest that you talk to your P.E. teacher and let him or her know how you feel. By sharing your feelings, the teacher can see that you are really trying your best and that you care about what is happening in class. Your P.E. teacher may have some suggestions for how to handle your feelings. Your teacher also needs to know if anyone is making fun of your athletic ability in class.

If you start to feel down on yourself after a P.E. class, try to remind yourself of all the things you do really well. We can tell from your e-mail that you are a good speller, for example. You might even make a list of the things that are your strengths.

No one is good at everything. Accepting yourself for who you are and having a positive attitude can help you through any situation. Keep in touch with your parents about these kinds of feelings.

We hope this helps.

Art by: Keith Frawley

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