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Online Blunder

Dear Highlights,
I wrote a mean comment to someone online, and I regret it so much! She did something mean to me, so I was really angry, but now I know it was wrong. She blocked me, and I can’t apologize because we go to different schools.

We often regret the things we say without thinking when we’re hurt or angry. And when our words are posted online, they can’t be taken back. Perhaps you’ll have a chance to apologize if you see this girl in person. You might even consider mailing her a letter explaining how sorry you feel.

Try to learn from this experience. A good rule of thumb is to never comment online when you feel upset—and never write anything you wouldn’t feel comfortable saying face-to-face.

It might help to talk to your parents about this, too. They may have more suggestions.

Art by: Keith Frawley

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