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Sibling Wars

Dear Highlights,
My sister and I are always in a fight. What should I do to stop from fighting with her?

We're glad you decided to write to us about this. Your wanting to improve your relationship with your sister shows maturity on your part.

You might like to talk with your sister to see if you can make a pact to get along better. Choose a time when you're getting along well to say something like this: "I'm glad you're my sister. I think you'll agree, though, that it's no fun when we fight and argue. I'd really like for us to get along better. Can we talk about it?"

Then listen to your sister's response. You may discover some things you do that annoy her, so try to listen and compromise. Maybe having a heart-to-heart talk and agreeing to try to get along better will make a big difference.

You could also try to walk away from your sister when you think a fight is about to begin. Just giving her some space and a chance to calm down might help prevent an argument. Also, remember that you can control only your behavior, not your sister's. She can't fight with you, however, if you don't participate.

We suggest that you talk to your mom and dad about your desire to get along better with your sister. Not only will they appreciate your wanting to improve the situation, they might have some helpful ideas, since they know you and your sister so well.

We hope this helps.

Art by: Keith Frawley

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