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Smart Siblings

Dear Highlights,
I look up to my sisters. They’re both intelligent. I feel that I’ll never be as good as them.
A Highlights Reader (by e-mail)

It’s wonderful that you admire your sisters, but try not to compare yourself to them. Instead of striving to be like your sisters, just strive to be the best you possible. You will find that you will be much happier when you try to be true to yourself, rather than when you try to be like someone else.

Keep in mind that you and your sisters each have your own strengths and weaknesses, and you are all smart in different ways. You are just as special as they are. Focus on developing your own interests, and don’t be afraid to try new things. You might also let your parents know how you feel. They may have some reassuring words for you.

Art by: Keith Frawley

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