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Toy Donations

Dear Highlights,
My mom thinks I should donate some toys because I don’t pick them up. I don’t want to donate my toys.
Evan (by e-mail)

If you have a lot of toys, you might look at them one by one and ask yourself “How often do I play with this?” and “Am I too old for this?” You can also think about kids who don’t have many toys and ask yourself “Would another child enjoy this more than I do?” Doing this might help you set aside some toys to donate.

Your mom is also probably trying to help you be more responsible for your belongings. Putting toys away helps prevent them from being damaged and makes it easier to find them to play with later. Plus, toys that are left on the floor can be dangerous because someone could trip and fall over them. So picking up your toys is always a good thing to do.

Art by Keith Frawley

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