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Younger Siblings

Dear Highlights,
I have a sister and a new brother, who is 28 days old. I’m the oldest. I’m feeling overwhelmed. Please help.
Eden, Michigan

Lots of changes happen when a new baby comes along, and it can be stressful. But you can help make things go more smoothly at home and seem less overwhelming. You might take on chores such as setting the table, putting clothes away, and carrying the diaper bag when your family goes out.

New babies require a lot of attention. It’s natural to feel jealous from time to time, but you can be sure that your parents love you as much as they always have. Since your sister is younger than you, she may not understand this. You can set a good example for her by showing patience.

Finally, don’t get so caught up in the stress of having a new baby brother that you forget to enjoy him. As he gets a little older, you can try to make him smile and laugh. Baby laughter is a great stress reliever!

Art by: Keith Frawley

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