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Does your nose know the difference?

Flower parts may not all carry the fragrance in the same way.

With an adult’s help, see which part of a flower carries the strongest scent by trying this experiment a few times with different kinds of flowers.

Also try using a bud instead of a full-grown flower. Do you notice a difference in the scent? Why might that be?

What You’ll Need
  • Different types of flowers
  • Jars with lids
What to Do
  1. Separate a flower’s parts into different jars, with a similar amount in each jar. (In the jars above, A contains the sepal and other green parts, B gathers the petals, and C holds the stamens and stigmas, where pollen is produced and deposited.)
  2. Fasten the lids on the jars, and let the parts sit for a few hours.
  3. Open the lids and gently sniff. Which part has the strongest scent?
How It Works

Photo by: Guy Cali Associates

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