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What is saliva?

So, as you may already know, saliva is just a fancy word for SPIT! This slightly slimy stuff is made in, by, and for our mouths. And it all happens in teeny tiny factories and delivery systems called glands. Glands work around the clock to combine water with special chemicals and enzymes (EN-zimes). Then they send out the stuff to battle germs, break down food, and protect our teeth, gums, tongues, and throats. Glands make as much saliva as we need. Generous, right?!

Imagine trying to chew bread with a dry mouth! SALIVA TO THE RESCUE, making that mouth and food slippery and helping us swallow and even talk. (Just not at the same time!) Eating, smelling, or even thinking about food gets our glands going.

Photo by: iStock|cynoclub

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