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Dog Park Meeting

Two dogs are meeting at the dog park.
Dog 1: My owner called me the other day.
Dog 2: How did you know it was her?
Dog 1: I read the collar ID.
Annabelle, Pennsylvania
Which horse is the richest?

A quarter horse.
Evonn, Kentucky
A koala and a polar bear are talking.
Koala: You cannot bear the heat.
Polar Bear: Well, you’re not koala-fied to be in the cold.
Kennedi, Georgia
Where does a skunk do its washing up?
In the kitchen stink.
Kaitlyn, New York
Two leaves are blowing in the wind.
Leaf 1: I’m the best!
Leaf 2: You’re bragging.
Leaf 1: Sorry. Sometimes I get a little carried away.
Emma, Illinois

Art by: Rich Powell

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