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Fast Food

Lily: Did you see that food go by?
Skylar: No, what was it?
Lily: Fast food!
Morgan, Arizona
Mushroom #1: Wow, you have so many party invitations!
Mushroom #2: Well, I’m really a fungi (fun guy).
Jack, Texas
Tim: Your dad has been coughing a lot. Is he sick?
Bill: No, he just drinks a lot of coffee (cough-ee).
Zeke, North Carolina
A whale swam home happily after getting an A+ on her test. When she showed it to her dad, he said, “Whale done!”
Hafsa, Pennsylvania
“Knock, knock.”
“Who’s there?”
“Boo who?”
“Don’t cry! It’s just a joke.”
Jack, Nebraska

Art by: Rich Powell

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