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Pigs on Vacation

Farmer: Hey! Where are our pigs?
Farmer’s son: I think they’re on vacation.
Farmer: Where?
Farmer’s son: New Ham-pshire, of course.
Evan, Georgia
What is the king of school supplies?
The ruler.
Loghanne, Wisconsin
“Knock, knock.”
“Who’s there?”
“Harris .”
“Harris who?”
“Harris knotted. Please help me comb it.”
Summer, Florida
Where does spaghetti go to dance?
The meatball.
Teresa, Oklahoma
Eva: Some people say palm trees aren’t real trees because they don’t have real bark.
Sorelle: Really? Did you know that a dog isn’t a tree even though it has a bark?
Eva and Sorelle, California

Art by: Rich Powell

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