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Jokes Jokes Push or Pull?

Push or Pull?

Stephen: I had a dream and I don’t know what it means.
Grace: What was it about?
Stephen: There was a door with a sign on it, and no matter how hard I pushed, it wouldn’t open.
Grace: What did the sign say?
Stephen: “Pull.”
Jaelyn, Wisconsin
What do you call two birds in love?
Lydia, California
Doctor: How are you feeling?
Doughnut: Well, kind of empty.
Doctor: Hmm, that’s unusual. You’re a Boston cream!
Emma, Massachusetts
Dangling Earring #1: Want to go to the movies?
Dangling Earring #2: No thanks. Let’s just hang around.
Fernando, Quebec, Canada
Why didn't the dog play football?
Because it was a boxer.
Jolee, Illinois

Art by: Rich Powell

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