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Space-Alien Listening Lab

Space-Alien Listening Lab

In “Space-Alien Listening Lab,” Tim is helping Juanita learn to play guitar in the Hangout when new friends Zatz and Zurkle arrive. These space-alien visitors are seeking sounds, and they’ve come looking for Tim and Juanita’s music—along with other audio specimens—to take back to their home planet. But as they work on the songs, interruptions abound! First, there’s a visit from Goofus and Gallant, who swing by to sing about helping with a community cleanup. Then, they hear from Arizona, who writes her Ask Arizona column about going to a party where she doesn’t know anyone. And finally, Mindy and Guy answer a wow-worthy science question about extremely resilient animals. This episode also features a brand-new Hidden Sound game, our play on Highlights magazine’s Hidden Pictures puzzles, and an audio That’s Silly! game about Earthling music genres in the spacecraft listening lab.

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