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Diwali Candle Holder

Diwali (dee-WAH-lee) is the Hindu festival of lights. Clay lamps called diyas symbolize the human body. The light represents the soul. Hindus believe that light, or goodness, chases away darkness, or evil, during Diwali.

What You’ll Need
  • air-dry clay
  • water
  • glue
  • craft gems, beads, and other decorations
  • battery-powered candle
What You’ll Do
  1. Shape a candle holder from air-dry clay. Wet your finger and press gently to smooth out any cracks. Let it dry.
  2. Create decorations, such as flowers, from the clay. Let them dry. Glue them to the candle holder.
  3. Glue craft gems, beads, and other decorations to the holder. Place a battery-powered candle into the middle.


Craft samples by: Buff McAllister | Photo by: Guy Cali Associates, Inc.

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