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Crafts Crafts Into the Hive

Into the Hive

A Game for 2 or More Players

What You’ll Need
  • scissors
  • large snack box
  • cardstock
  • markers
  • ribbon
  • long cardboard tube
  • pompom heads, wiggle eyes, paper wings, and thread antennae
  • paper plate
  • metal fastener
  • paper
What You’ll Do
  1. Cut the top off a large snack box and cut an opening in the front. Decorate the box with cardstock and markers to look like a beehive. Add a ribbon handle to the top.
  2. For the bees, cut a long cardboard tube into sections. Cover them with cardstock. Add pompom heads, wiggle eyes, paper wings, and thread antennae.
  3. Divide a paper plate into three sections. Label them “Fly Ahead 1 Flower,” “Stay for Nectar,” and “Fly Ahead 2 Flowers.” Cut an arrow from cardstock. Attach it to the plate with a metal fastener.
  4. Cut 10 flowers from cardstock. Decorate them with paper and markers.
How to Play


Craft samples by: Buff McAllister|Photo by: Guy Cali Associates, Inc.

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