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2-in-1 Football Game Board

Games for 2 Players

What You’ll Need
  • scissors
  • blue and brown poster board
  • white paper
  • marker
  • cardstock
  • glue
  • hole punch
  • metal fastener
What You’ll Do
  1. Cut out two large football shapes, one from blue poster board and one from brown. On the brown shape, add white paper strips for the laces (and game spaces). Mark “Start” and “End,” as shown.
  2. For the spinner, create a helmet out of cardstock. Divide it into four sections: “Move 1 space forward,” “Time out,” “Move 2 spaces forward,” and “Move 1 space back.” Glue it to the board. Punch a hole in the center of the helmet and attach a cardstock arrow using a metal fastener.
  3. Glue the blue football to the back of the brown one, hiding the ends of the fastener. Add “We’re #1” using markers or paper. (Make “#” large enough for tic-tac-toe.)
  4. For game pieces, cut five helmets and five footballs out of cardstock. Add details with a marker.
How to Play


Photo by: iStock/Nastco | Craft sample by: Buff McAllister

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