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Phantom Pinball Machine

What You’ll Need
  • 4 cereal boxes
  • scissors
  • hole puncher
  • tacky glue or a low-temperature glue gun
  • tape
  • ruler
  • rubber bands
  • poster board
  • craft foam
  • craft sticks
  • miscellaneous craft materials and markers to decorate
What You’ll Do
  1. Cut the top and front off four same-size cereal boxes. Trace the long side of a cereal box on thin cardboard, making four rectangles. Optional: Paint each box.
  2. On each rectangle, draw a line from the corner of one short side to the middle of the opposite short side. Cut out the shapes.
  3. Tape two cereal boxes together to make the playing area. Repeat to make the base.
  4. Use tacky glue or a low-temperature glue gun to glue the shapes in the base. Glue poster board inside the playing area. Let it dry.
  5. Glue the playing area on top of the base. Let it dry.
  6. Add the gutters, plunger, flippers, and back panel. See below for additional directions for these items.
  7. Add obstacles made of craft materials. Use markers to decorate the game.
How to Play


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