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Practical Joke Cup: An April Fools' Day Experiment

Pour enough of a drink to wet your whistle, but don't be greedy! This cup spills all of its contents on anyone who fills it too high. According to legend, it was invented over 2,500 years ago by the Greek philosopher Pythagoras to teach his students moderation in life.

What You’ll Need
  • pushpin
  • plastic cup
  • pencil
  • bendy straw
What You’ll Do
  1. Use a pushpin to make a small hole in the bottom of a plastic cup.
  2. Widen the hole with a pencil until a bendy straw can just fit through.
  3. From the bottom, pull the straw partway through the hold. Bend the short section of the straw so it stays down.
  4. Cut off the end that sticks out of the bottom of the cup.
  5. To test it, fill the cup with water over a sink.
How to Play


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