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Robot Bank

What You’ll Need
  • tissue box
  • cardstock
  • four short cardboard tubes
  • scissors
  • glue
  • craft gems
  • tape
  • Velcro dots
  • coins and bills
What You’ll Do
  1. For the body, cover a tissue box with cardstock, leaving half of the tissue opening uncovered. (This will be the back.)
  2. For arms and legs, cover four short cardboard tubes with cardstock. Ask an adult to help you cut holes in the body and a coin slot in the top of the robot. Insert the tubes into the holes.
  3. From cardstock, cut out hands, feet, a face, buttons, and a belly. Glue them on. Add craft gems for eyes.
  4. Cut out a cardstock flap to cover the opening in the back. Tape the top edge to the robot. Add Velcro dots to hold the bottom edge closed.
  5. Insert coins and bills in the slot. To get money out, open the flap in the back.


Photo by: Guy Cali Associates, Inc.

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