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Spring Note Center

What You’ll Need
  • glue
  • green cardstock
  • corrugated cardboard
  • paint
  • short cardboard tube
  • chenille sticks
  • felt
  • Styrofoam egg
  • wiggle eyes
  • notepad
What You’ll Do
  1. For the base, glue green cardstock onto corrugated cardboard.
  2. For the trunk, paint the inside of a short cardboard tube. Twist chenille sticks to make tree branches. Glue on felt leaves. Glue the branches on the trunk. Cover the trunk with felt. Glue the tree to the base.
  3. For the bird, cover a Styrofoam egg with felt. Add felt feathers, a beak, and wiggle eyes. Glue felt feet to the base. Glue the bird on top of the feet.
  4. Tape or glue a notepad to the base.


Craft samples by: Buff McAllister|Photo by: Hank Schneider

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